About Us


Strawberry Tree Farms was created in 1995 by gourmet, all-natural food enthusiast, Phil Follins, who created hearty homemade soups, desserts, seasonings, and spice blends for party dips. Phil began to take his goods on the road, doing a whole spectrum of consumer events all over the country, including flower, art, craft festivals state fairs and many other events. Phil made his dips and soups right at the booth. The aroma was guaranteed to bring people in, and the sampling would hook them for life!

Today, following Phil's model, STF offers our clientele an exceptional opportunity to earn significant income as a part-time, largely seasonal, DIY Gourmet-in-Minutes Ambassador. Scroll to bottom of "Our Team" page and contact us. You'll be glad you did.

Over 20 years later, some of those first time consumers are still ordering Go Go Garlic, Louisiana Market Chowder, and many other personal favorites. Believing in reliability and great customer service, Phil's philosophy endures and still ensures that you always get your favorite products in a timely manner.

At Strawberry Tree Farms, we love surprising people with our unique and healthy products! With easy to prepare soups, seasonings, desserts, gift baskets, and more, we offer a range of items for every taste. We use only natural products with no MSG, bleached flour, or GMOs, and most of our products also contain no salt. Experience gourmet food at its healthiest!


To provide what's needed for every occasion where people want to spend more time sharing fellowship and love together at a meal than they spend creating that meal to share, whether at the family table at home, or around a camp fire.


To help our DIY Gourmet-in-Minutes Ambassadors, in return for the value they create, become more financially successful than any other part-time event participants in our industry.