Home Style Soups

From creamy to chunky, our range of home style soup has something for every palette. Explore all your favorite flavors from chowder to chili. Our soups make for easy and healthy gourmet meals that are sure to please!


Our signature seasonings are a quick and healthy way to spice up your cooking or make a fun party dip. They complement any meal perfectly, make wonderful salad dressings, and add much-needed flavor to your daily routine. None of our spices contain MSG, and many of our healthy seasonings are salt and sugar free.


Enjoy delicious desserts with the special homemade taste and texture that can only be found at Strawberry Tree Farms. We use only the freshest ingredients and finest recipes to create these scrumptious items. We can proudly say that none of these products are ever made with bleached flour. Learn more about the negative effects of bleached flour.

Baked Goods

From now on, baking will only take 20 minutes! Enjoy all your favorite comfort foods — including cheesy biscuits, moist zucchini bread, flavorful banana bread, fluffy beer bread, healthy flax seed, sweet cornbread, and perfect hush puppies — in a matter of minutes.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — make it your favorite! Enjoy cheesy grits, decadent pancakes, hearty oatmeal, or gourmet mochaccino every morning.


DIY, Create your own fun and elegant gifts for special occasions. If you are putting together a basket of fudge truffles, crunchy nuts, and other decadent confections, set your gift apart from the rest by including from Strawberry Tree Farms containers of Berry Berry Strawberry and Luscious Lemon Delight seasonings.

For munchie snacks, crackers, vegetables and the like, include containers of 2 or 3 of our great garlic seasonings, or Veggie Veggie, or Sassie Salsa. So whether you're having a poker night or a big celebratory event, our seasoning will take your creations from good/great to WOW!!!

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