Luscious Lemon Delight Seasoning Mix

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Here's the positioning on Luscious Lemon Delight: It's for use in most everything you would squeeze a lemon over!  Great over fish, meats, sauces, salads, desserts and anything else that you want to have a delicious lemon flavor.

Not recommended for use in baking with mixes containing bleached white flour, because.....

Luscious Lemon Delight contains a healthy natural spice that reacts to bleach by turning a brilliant red. .....and bleached white flour is exactly as it states, bleached! While this brilliant red is not harmful in the least, it will turn your "yellow cake" red before it leaves the oven if that particular mix is made with bleached white flour (and most are.)

For dessert Dip or Topping: Mix 2 TBSP Luscious Lemon with 1 cup of non-dairy whipped topping and 1 cup of marshmallow creme or 1 cup of plain yogurt. Let mixture set in refrigerator at least 5 hours before serving. Use as a dessert topping or a dip for animal cracker type goodies.

Add 2-3 Tbs. to any of our baked goods and transform them into the best delicacies you’ve ever tasted! Read on to see how that works.....

Our Apple Cinnamon, Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread, Cheesy Cheddar Biscuits,  and both of our pancake mixes are made with unbleached flour, so you are safe with any of them to add Luscious Lemon Delight.

Ingredients:  sugar, citric acid, salt, lemon peel, lemon juice powder, gelatin, spices and spice extracts. NO MSG  NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR

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