Italian Bread Dipping Blend LARGE - Gourmet Seasoning Mix

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Italian Bread Dipping Blend - Gourmet Herbs & Spices

Same great product as regular, BIG BOY version! Over 2x as much.

"Do you like it when at the restaurant they bring out the bread and the dip?" We often ask that question at our tasting events. Most people answer with a resounding "yes!" Then we ask them to tell us how ours measures up. The response we get most often is, their eyes roll up in their head and they say "OMG! (Oh My Gosh!)" Why is it so much better than, as far as we can tell,  anything in any restaurant anywhere? It is simply our proprietary blend of the following...

Ingredients: Dehydrated garlic, salt, black pepper, red pepper, rosemary, basil, oregano and parsley. There is some sodium but no sugar and no MSG

Italian Bread Dipping Sauce

Here's how it's done: First, and very important, rehydrate the bread dipping blend by adding water to desired amount of seasoning to create a paste. Let set for 1 minute and add desired amount of olive oil to mixture and dip bread.

For Pasta Sauce: Heat a 16oz can of tomato sauce with 8-10oz of your favorite processed cheese blend (such as velveeta, or Provel which uses chedder, swiss & provolone as flavorants). Then, stir 2 teaspoons of Italian Bread Dipping Blend into mixture. Serve over pasta (or even as another bread dipping sauce).

Not only does this gourmet herbs & spices blend make an absolutely perfect appetizer for any occasion, it will also enhance your pasta sauces and most all Italian recipes. It is excellent in meatloaf as well.  No MSG No Sugar

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