Chicken Alfredo & Broccoli with Homemade Garlic Bread

  • Bruce Talkington
  • Feb 02, 2020
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When my husband and I were first dating over 11 years ago, on one of our first dates I decided to make him homemade Chicken Alfredo and Broccoli for dinner, with homemade Garlic Bread. I used Go Go Garlic to make the Garlic Bread, and I also used it in my homemade Alfredo Sauce as well. I considered it my “secret ingredient.”

Gourmet Garlic spice herbs seasonings online storeIt was just the two of us and he wasn’t sure if he was going to like It. He confessed at the time that he only liked Olive Garden’s Alfredo and Garlic Bread. So naturally I made a double batch, thinking I would have some leftover for lunch the following day. He ate the entire serving and even went back for more. Actually, he left me so little for lunch the next day I had to make something else 

My husband to this day asks for my Chicken Alfredo and Broccoli with Garlic Bread every chance he gets. One of our family friends jokes that it was engagement Chicken Alfredo.  When we got married our pastor said in the sermon that he had noticed that my husband had gained some weight due to my incredible cooking.

My Aunt Holly, who lives in the West Palm Beach area, introduced me to Go Go Garlic at the craft shows we attended together in the late 90’s. We always went together. We both fell in love with the Go Go Garlic. Since then we have added your spices and seasonings to our kitchen cabinets. My husband and I have been married almost 10 years now and I can honestly say he and I can’t cook without your spices. They are amazing.

We have to cook carefully now since I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Your spices do not affect me at all. Since moving to Ohio in August of 2018. I like the convenience of ordering them online, and they always arrive super fast.

We love your BBQ and steak spices and use them on our new first smoker grill. They are amazing!! We even used your spices on our turkey this year that we smoked. Thanks again for such wonderful products !!

Katherine F., Ohio



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