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On the run?...Still demand good food? Read for Valentine's Day Discount 2021

  • Donald Reed
  • Feb 01, 2021
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Our way of cooking, based upon over 25 years of hands on experience makes use of fresh foods dehydrated to which you apply your personal touch to make them your own. 

The last sentence below gives you an opportunity to use this Valentine's Day to improve the life of your love for a long time after this February 14th

Remember, the quality of your cooking is not diminished because we have done some of the preparation for you. Use us to simplify and make you speedy, sensible and smart. It's a much better choice if you are busy with little time to cook, than eating from fast food restaurants or buying expensive and usually inferior precooked food.

Have you noticed, the term "homemade" has taken on a righteous tone. It tries to mean better, more virtuous, truer to nature, or the "proper" way to cook. But, to paraphrase my favorite chef, Jacque Pepin from the introduction to his book "Quick & Simple, homemade food is good only when it is superior in taste to our prepackaged counterpart. In reality many homemade baked goods, soups and sides are inferior to similar items available from our Strawberry Tree farms, where you select superior items and then make them your own. 

For example, making Philly Cheeseburger Stew (or dip) with our Gourmet Creamy Idaho Potato Soup Mix or using Our Cajun Red Beans & Rice as a base for Gumbo, or Louisiana Market Chowder as a base for seafood chowder; your guests will not know or care that such deliciousness was not made with all "fresh" ingredients.

So, get the love of your life several of our Gourmet-in-Minutes mixes...save 20% with the code HONEYBABE.  Click Here to shop and SAVE...


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