Three Benefits of Cooking at Home

  • Bruce Talkington
  • Mar 28, 2020
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Let's face it, there's nothing quite like a good home-cooked meal. It's more flavorful, you get to cook and season your food just the way you like it, and as a result, it's generally a lot more flavorful and deeply satisfying.  Plus, it's considerably cheaper to eat at home than dining out, and that counts for a lot these days. 
home cooking dinner ideas seasonings online storePlus there's also the almost universal truth that cooking and dining at home results in meals that are considerably more healthy than anything you could choose off a restaurant menu, particularly when it comes to sodium content.

1. Home Cooking Means Less Calories

It's always nice when our clothes fit. So when people cook for themselves and their family at home, their diet almost invariably contains less sugar, less sodium, and fewer carbohydrates. 

2. Save Money. Cook at Home.

A recent study suggested that for a family of four, a home cooked chicken dinner cost about $5.00 per person when it included a quarter roast chicken, potatoes, vegetable, and biscuits.  The same meal, purchased in a restaurant averaged at a minimum about $16.00.
Government statistics for 2015 showed that the cost of cooking at home rose by slightly more than one percent. At the same time, eating out - including fast food restaurants - jumped by nearly eight percent. What accounted for the price differential? Paying for convenience.

3. Cooking at Home is Just Downright Satisfying

Physiologists, educators, and my mother all agree that cooking at home adds a family closeness and degree of fun that you just can't duplicate when you dine out. Whether you're cooking a roast, helping to prepare a side dish or two to go with your meal, or sharing duties and helping to create a delicious dessert, cooking with your partner or spouse is a great way to have fun together, relieve stress, create memories and enjoy conversations, all of which contribute to our health and well-being. 
And if you have children in your family that you are cooking for, there is also the added benefit of helping widen your children's horizons and stir their imaginations when you invite them to participate in the meal preparation process and try new foods.


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